Sourdough Rosettes

When I posted on my Instagram that I was working on a sourdough rosette recipe, I couldn’t believe the excitement. I got message after message from followers telling me these rosettes make them nostalgic for their bubby’s kitchen. Did you know they are called fritlech in Yiddish, and that they were very popular amongst Hungarian and Polish Jewish communities?

These rosettes, like the latkes and the sufganiyot we traditionally eat, are deep-fried. What I love about this recipe is that it is a super easy recipe which does not involve much prep time and is a great way to use up your sourdough discard.


The only unique thing this recipe requires is a pair of rosette iron which is a small investment worth making for this delicious treat.


50g non-active starter aka discard

285g milk or almond milk

200g All Purpose flour

2 eggs

25g honey

3g salt  



  1. In a bowl mix all ingredients until well combine (the batter should be a liquid pancake batter consistency)

*At this point you can fry right away or let it ferment in the fridge for 6-24 hours.

  1. When you are ready to fry, add oil to a heavy pot to measure about 2- 3 inch deep (I used refined coconut oil)
  2. Heat the oil to 325-335° F
  3. While the oil is heating up prepare next to the stove a cooling rack over paper towel
  4. Dip the rosette iron in the hot oil and heat it for 1-2 minutes Keep a paper towel handy and wipe away any excess oil.
  5. Dip the hot mold in the batter then in the hot oil. (Make sure the batter only comes up ¾ of the sides, do not let it come all the way to the top otherwise you won’t be able to remove the fried dough.)
  6. The batter will start to pull away, use a tong or fork to push away the rosette from the iron flip the rosette and fry additional 5-8 seconds
  7. Remove the rosette from the oil and place on a cooling rack.
  8. Once it is cooled sprinkle with confection sugar or dip in cinnamon sugar



Helpful tips

  • Preparing this batter is super easy, the consistency should be a thin batter (If it is too thick the rosettes will not turn out crispy).
  • Make sure the iron is hot before dipping it into the batter otherwise the batter will not adhere to the iron (read the instructions exactly how to prepare it).
  • A  fry thermometer is not essential, but I highly recommend it to yield consistent results. If the oil is not the correct temperature the batter will stick to the forms.





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